Barcelona Handball Cup

Elite tournament for handball teams in Barcelona!

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  • FC Barcelona
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  • What?


    Barcelona Cup Elite is a combined training camp and handball tournament.
  • Who?


    The best handball teams in Scandinavia are invited to Barcelona Cup Elite.
  • Where?


    The tournament and training camp is located in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Why?


    The idea is that if teams share knowledge and experiences, everybody improves.
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Handball Cup in Barcelona

The Barcelona Handball Cup is an exciting handball tournament and training camp, where some of the best youth teams meet in Barcelona to compete together, train together and improve together.

Handball cup in Barcelona

Traditionally teams only compete and play matches in a handball tournament. The Barcelona Cup Elite is different. Instead of just competing, teams train together, share knowledge and experiences, so that all teams learn from each other, and improve their play. The Barcelona Cup Elite is a handball cup and a training camp combined. Some of the best youth teams from various countries are invited to take part in this tournament. Only four teams will be selected in each category. These teams will enjoy a training camp in Barcelona, where they will get the opportunity to train with professional Spanish trainers, see the stars of FC Barcelona live at Palau Blaugrana, play against other top youth teams and do fun social activities. 

Handball tournament in BarcelonaWe believe in knowledge exchange and working together. Combining a tournament and training camp is a fantastic way of bringing some of the tops youth teams together, where everybody can benefit from it. Trainers sit down together and share ideas and experiences, train each other's teams for one or more sessions and work together. Players compete in an exciting tournament, train with foreign coaches and are inspired by seeing Karabatic and Tomas at and the other Barcelona handball stars. Everyone gets to enjoy Barcelona, one of the most popular cities in the world. In addition, we offer several social activities that will improve the spirit in the team.



Participating teams are invited to Barcelona Cup. Invitations are reserved for the top ranking teams in the Nordic countries. There are only 4 teams selected in each category.


  • Boys 16 and Boys 19
  • Girls 16 and Girls 19


  • 5-7 nights in a Hotel
  • Full board - breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • 1-2 daily trainings
  • Training session with foreign trainer
  • Training with professional Spanish trainer
  • Seminar with international player or trainer
  • 2-3 games against other top teams
  • Winner will play top team from Catalonia


The price depends on which hotel you choose, which activities you would like to participate in and number of people in the group. Generally, prices include hotel with breakfast, lunch and dinner, local transportation, trainings, matches and some activities.

From 475€ per person

Barcelona handball cup - Training facilities


We offer great training grounds. Indoor arenas of high quality, with wardrobes and all necessary facilities. Some arenas include several courts that can be hired if necessary. Our partner hotels offer facilities like fitness center, tennis court and pool. Some also have a Spa area, where they offer massage and physiotherapy.

barcelona cup handball spanish trainer


A Spanish trainer can be responsible for one or more trainings while you are visiting. Your trainers also have the opportunity to sit down, share ideas and experiences, and discuss training programs with the Spanish trainer. A great inspiration for both players and trainers in your club, and a fantastic learning opportunity.

Barcelona handball cup - Tickets FC Barcelona handball match

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona is one of the best handball teams in the world. See world-class players like Karabatic and Tomas fight, dribble and score. This is a great opportunity to experience the stars of Barcelona's handball team up close in Palau Blaugrana. We also offer tickets to great sporting events like F.C Barcelona at Camp Nou.

Barcelona football cup - Activities in Barcelona


We offer a wide range of social activities for our teams. Great teambuilding activities and fun adrenaline packed activities that improves the team spirit. Choose between activities like Bubble-football, High-ropes course, ATV, Laser Combat, Amazing Race, Segway sightseeing and many more.