Barcelona Cup Elite

Elite tournament for football and handball teams in Barcelona!

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Elite tournament in Spain

The Barcelona Cup elite is a combined training camp and tournament in Barcelona, Spain. Only some of the best youth teams in each category are invited to participate. Barcelona Cup separates from other tournaments because it is not only a Cup it is also a Training Camp. Teams train together, share knowledge and experiences and compete together. The idea behind the concept is that working together and learning from other top clubs will benefit everyone. 

Barcelona football cup - Play matches in SpainFootball Cup

The Barcelona Football Cup is an exciting football tournament and training camp, where some of the best youth teams meet in Barcelona to compete together, train together and improve together. Visit and train with the academy of FC Barcelona or RCD Espanyol, see Messi, Neymar and the other stars of FC Barcelona live at Camp Nou, play intense matches against other top teams, enjoy fun social activities and explore the beautiful city of Barcelona.

Barcelona Football Cup...


Barcelona Cup Handball - Play matches in Spain

Handball Cup

Travel to Spain and take part in the Barcelona Handball Cup. A unique concept, which combines the handball tournament with a training camp. Train and compete with some of the best youth teams in your category. Visit Palau Blaugrana and see some of the best handball players in the world fight, dribble and score. Improve your gameplay and skills through inspirational sessions with other top trainers. Play intense matches against other top teams, try adrenalin and fun packed teambuilding activities and visit the great city of Barcelona. 

Barcelona Handball Cup...


Barcelona Cup - Elite tournament football and handball in Spain


Barcelona is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Offering great climate, exciting history, incredible architecture, and fantastic cultural and culinary experiences. Hosting some of the best some of the best football, handball and basketball teams in the world, this city treasures sport. Barcelona is in many ways the perfect destination to combine great sporting opportunities with shopping, sightseeing, exciting activities and great beaches. Take your team to a new level and enjoy yourself in wonderful Barcelona.

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Barcelona Cup - Be inspired by Messi and Neymar at Camp Nou


See some of the best players in the world...

Barcelona Cup - Teambuilding, activities, teamwork


Train together, play together and have fun together...

Barcelona Cup - Share knowledge and make progress together


Share knowledge and experiences, learn and improve your skills...

Barcelona cup - Play matches, compete, win, enjoy


Compete against some of the best youth teams in Scandinavia...